Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This time for sure!!!

from an email i just got:

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Important mainly because of the people in the conversation.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

One of my favorite songs.....

watch all of it..

not so much for the words, but for everything else. although i did get repramented recently for not being a rich man anymore

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Sasha....

hey is that frosty paws...umm...cause i like frosty paws...

meee too!!!

aww three years old
what the humans ate
happy birthday day to you....sasha. blowing out the candles
can't wait for the frosty paws doggie ice cream
here it comes!!!
hurry hurry hurry up
oh please....
nom nom nom

this stuff is like doggie crack. they almost ate the plastic bowls

Saturday, July 30, 2011

nother concert this time not in deer valley with shaun barrowes

so this morning i awoke to a bunch of hot air balloons floating over our house.

tonight we went to a concert at john and mindy's lovely big beautiful house and backyard with shaun barrowes doing all the musicianshipness

here we are with smiles all around as usual
me goofy as ever, jan cute as ever

she looks like a red hot sexy Ferrari in this dress

Sunday, July 24, 2011

All over Deer Valley and pics of stuff i saw on the trail

first off a pic from the fire road race a couple of weekends ago.

rode across town and up to deer valley resort. up rossi hill trail. its a bit rough and has some steepish sections. not great climbing,but not too bad.
made my way across daly road and more up. wound up choosing the wrong fork and had to climb a very steep loose rock climb. should have gone right instead of left.
headed up to powerline and had to turn around as i kept getting bombarded with dh guys and too steep climbing on my 32x17 single speed. lots of 2-3 foot drop offs and big root sections.

got back down to a steep fire road and then tried gravedigger with the same problem. back up more steep fire road and finally went up empire link to mid mountain.

then up tour de suds and down team big bear. again mid mountain and up a no name steep rooty trail. this mellowed a bit and cut across with lots of switchbacks. down homeward bound to mid mountain then across for a while and up another steep trail i did see a name. this one had a snowmobile on the trail

that led me back across a trail called moose bones that dumped me out on t&g.

so i went down t&g and got to compare my new kona unit steel single speed rigid bike to my white jet9.

very efficent, fast, good pedaling and fun.

suspension and higher speeds, spongy climbing, quick steering

both bike seemed nimble, but in different ways. the jet has a steep head angle so the front end steers fast. the kona unit has short chainstays and is whippy, but slack head tube angle.

also the kona has 710mm bars and got stuck quite a few times in the narrow trees. here is one

got all the way across to another trail and even farther this time. connected to "link" trail and that turned into a dh trail with challenging stuff for a rigid bike. eventually connected that to some of the trails i came up, so i switched to new off shoots and found these old cars on the trail. some even had good chrome still.

her is another shot of the snowmobile as i repast it again.
came down a loose rock rough trail that dumped me on prospector road and then crossed town to home. 4 1/2 hours of good steep climbing and techy downhill through some jungle in the forest.
i am tired from this one as i didn't have a lot of rest from the night before.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sweeny trail, guardsman road, mid nountain, round valley...maybe something new

friday we rode across lost prospector trail, crossed park city and up sweeny's, then connected to flat cable and cresent mine grade trail. that goes into mid mountain and then down spiro.
its a fun combo with sweeny and flat cable having some steep and rocky climbs.
jan climbing strong through the jungle that is over growing everywhere this summer

just a teaser pic of something new i just got. more on that tomorrow
got some fun laps in round valley. saw this little guy on the trail.
today went up guardsman road from p.c. city. this is my new favorite steep, constant road climb. starts at around 6,000 ft. and climbs solid to about 10,250ft.

your on pavement for the first part and it goes up, up, up. 10-14% grade with only two small 7% grade parts.

then the pavement ends and your on gravel road. its got studder brake bumps and good size loose gravel. no real ruts but the bumps makes for tough climbing up that steep grade.

ends at the parking lot just before scotts trail into puke hill. i climbed faithfully in middle chain ring until the gravel road. i slipped into little chainring as my legs are used to mashing a big single speed gear, not spinning. over the next couple of weeks i will repeat this hill and keep that middle gear as a goal.

took the same way down untill i saw this trail, "t&g". its a classic park city black diamond downhill trail. pretty tame. more like a beginner one. a few root drop offs, couple of rocks and lots of switch backs. what it had was tight tight tree sandwiches. my 580mm bars on the white jet9 just barely made it though.
that dumped me onto a fire road and then i got over to mid mountain. took that to spiro and down that again.

we went to see a band at the canyons with everybody else in town. little picnic and wine. we stayed for a while and then headed over to jordenelle lake to see the boat parade and band there

the boat parade was the exact opposite. lots of white trash and beer. woman with big beerbellies and guys with even bigger bellies. side note observation. park city=wino's and sports bodies, heber lake= beer and bellies.....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Polar bears came from Ireland

Perhaps polar bears roar in Gaelic.

An international team, led by Penn state scientist Beth Shapiro, has traced the ancestry of modern polar bears to a single female who likely lived somewhere in Ireland.

And this ursine Eve was probably brown, not white.

According to the research, some 20,000 to 50,000 years ago, ancient polar-like bears opportunistically interbred with the brown bears native to the British Isles. This may have allowed the polar ancestors to survive better during especially warm or cool periods in the earth's history, when the the habitats of the two species was most likely to be pushed together.

Polar bears and brown bears are very different species in many ways — size, diet, habitat, teeth, you name it. In fact, polar bears are the largest land carnivore on earth, whereas the brown bear's subspecies can range from relatively small, like the grizzlies of North America, to as large as polar bears with Yukon browns.

But interbreeding with local subspecies can provide a competitive advantage for both groups when they are brought into contact. Each species will pick up genes from the other, providing genetic diversity.

Strictly speaking, it was already known that brown bears and polar bears have interbred several times in the distant past. What wasn't known was the comparatively precise date range of the most important interbreeding, and the location in which it occurred.

"The bottom line is that the two species bumped up against one another for extended periods of time on different occasions, sharing both habitats and genes," Shapiro said in a press release.

The team traced this ancestry using mitochondrial DNA, a simple, circular form of DNA found inside the energy-producing organelles of every animal (indeed, every eukaryotic) cell. This DNA is passed only from mothers to children, and is less likely to undergo random mutations. This makes it useful in determining accurate lineages of species over thousands of generations, but means only female lineages are looked at.

It's not that the female ancestor is the oldest of all ancestors of modern polars, only that she would have been the only female ancestor of every modern polar bear.

Shapiro said that the next step is to turn the attention of research to chromosomal DNA. The more familiar variety in the nucleus of animal cells could tell us more about the frequency of interbreeding, what environmental changes spurred it to happen, and much more.

Institutions and scientists in California, the UK, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, and of course, Ireland, also contributed to the research.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Free Slurpee today only, must read

Happy 7-Eleven Day

Monday, July 11

Happy 7-Eleven Day
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fire Road race in Cedar City 100k, 60k

we got to cedar city a day before on friday and had a easy spin around town and up the start of the fire roads.

a small(for a race) group lined up for this race, about 200 racers. there was even one other single speeder and guess what? he was a fixie mountain biker...

i noticed when he would unclip and throw his legs back and the cranks would spin. i tried that and mine would just lay there not moving.

we started out at main street park. a nice park with lots of big trees and ample shade. tents set up for a few company's including maxxis. the event promoters got the street closed off and then we got a police motorcade on roads out to the mountain. paved road turns to gravel road, but well graded and an easy pedal.

about 9 miles of that and then we are directed to the mountain and up, up up.

the first climb is long and steady. not too steep or too easy. just the type of climb you don't want to go too fast at the bottom. if i had to compare it to something i would say little cottonwood canyon or millcreek road.

the overcast skies turned to sun and we really started to sweat on our climb. as we were on single speeds(32x20) we wound up last as we got to the climb. the geared bikes were able to go a little faster on the flat, but they were still in sight.
no worries as we all know the score here. very quickly us three SS started picking off the granny gear stragglers, but about a mile up the road it was apparent that the we were not even warmed up with the flat start.
we jumped off the bikes and walked a minute, then pedaled for a few then walked another minute, until hearate leveled out. there was really no other way to give hearate a rest on a SS and this constant hill.
we lost the fixie SS guy and he must have quit cause he never crossed the finish.
we then again we continued to slowly pass riders all the way up. a few times yo-yoing, but eventually they would fade. there were two tandem teams that did pretty good.
we both have had spotty riding this month and agreed to just ride this race to have fun, but ride at a medium pace. janet would sit down and mash pedals every chance she could to conserve strength, then would stand up and surge forward. i really had to pedal hard when she stood up and went. good strong climb on her part.

the climb was timed with timing chips and a separate KOM(king of the mountain) was in contention. although we started the climb at the end of the racers and finished with the lead pack in sight, i still think the lead guy was really moving up the hill and got that. we might have been close, didn't get the results as we had to leave after a while to check out of the hotel.

after the climb up, its long rolling graded gravel country roads that eventually get somewhat steep downhill. you really had to watch your speed as the twist and turns were very slippery on rollerbearing rocks on hardpack. you are on the brakes a lot here.

we got switched to a few double track that sported an occasional rocky section and rutty areas. just enough to wake you up. the stinging thistle encroaching on the trail as it does this time of year was ouchy, but not to much of it.

a few more turns of street and side trails and we got back to the park and the start/finish.

the park was well stocked with food, massage tables, bike washing corral and volunteer.

saw a couple of utmb team guys too

the finish was very nicely done. P.A. announcer was well informed and the chute was easy to do.
pretty janet was happy to finish. well seems that she is always smiling like this.
relaxing after the race with outdoor utah magazine. they are great people and a great mag.

somewhere here is the race winner. this team had a big turnout and seemed to be fast.

we both got first men's and woman's SS. King and Queen of single speed i heard from the announcer. well it was not going to be any other way as we were the only ones.

we got our complimentary food and drinks, had the bikes washed and hung out until the awards.

this race was an extremely well organized, well marked and fun race. i highly recommend it to anybody looking to do an endurence race. the aid stations were in good places and well stocked with plenty of volunteers. a class act all the way.

we got some gas in town for the long drive home and this big headed guy was in the car next to us. a real sweetheart as his tailed destroyed the car when i pet him though the window.

felt good the whole race, but we took it medium. recover was very quick and i could have gone for another ride after a while. defiantly in better shape than i thought. looking forward to doing this next year.