Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i've been bench racing my new jet9 29er that is on order and should be in december. like the one above, but in white. as nancy pointed out, i got a white bike thing.

looking into a carbon sl lefty with a 321 conversion kit. it should net me 90mm of travel or 100mm if i set the rebound slower. only resaon i am considering this fork is that it is one pound lighter than my f29 and a bit stiffer while braking.

but i won't be willing to use it at only 90mm. the rear shock is 100mm and i already have a hardtail with 80mm up front.

this bike will be for racing rough trails or course with alot of dh in them. it will be nice to have a comfy bike for all day rides as well.
looks like i will wind up with two sets of carbon fiber edge wheelsets....long story, but one set has hope pro II like my stans flow training wheels and the other has chris king hubs. one for the vassago and one for the jet9 i guess.
i should really sell one set and might if i can get a good price since it was free.

rode this bike for about an hour today, back is still messed up.....bummer.

looked at something that my roomate drinks called ensure and it is pretty close to some recovery drinks, but cheaper. must call hammer and see what they say.

got some food stuck in my back tooth. yeah, i know, me and my exciting life...woo-hoo....