Monday, October 27, 2008

Sugarhouse track?

ok stole this pic from somebodies local cx blog. i was looking for a flat workout today that i could do laps(twelve total). i liked the track. even jumped off and ran the uphills cx style. no spikes on my shoes. feels funny to run on grass with out them.

its kinda fun discovering what this great city has to offer. seems almost limitless. i see people riding all the time. friendly too.

so todays ride:

back feeling better, good. rode the vassago hardtail. love this bike!!

it was warm. took off my arm/leg warmers.

wow!!! look how fast the hair grows back on them. i could be hairycanracer during the winter. not fair. imagine the logo....hmmm.....a hairy can? its suppost to be cold enough to cover that up. not like cali where ya gotta shave year round.

easy laps, heart rate under 175 which is my lactate threshold. i know, that seems high, but had it measured twice this year and it could even be higher by now. but for winter base training, i'll go with that number. keeping intesity down is by far the hardest part of my training.

i feel like a high reving racing indy machine being drivin in second gear at 2,000 rpm in the parking lot.

got heckled by some high school kids as i did lap after lap. i enjoyed that part. don't they need to be in school? i guess i was no better at that age.