Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scalpel killer.

rode with a guy today for a short while riding a carbon team replica scalpel with the carbon lefty. you know, everybodys got 'em. well i remembered how much i thought i liked my old one, until i got this bike i have now. 29er hardtail vs 26" and 4" suspension.

oh my gawd!!! my bike works so much better. we traded bikes for a second and i could barely ride it. he of course took off on mine. i struggled even to watch him dissapear. even got worried for a second, until he came back with a "shit eating grin" on his face.
he offered to trade. i said "nooooo waaay buddy".

really drives home the fact that a great bike improves the fun potential of your rideing. it might not make you win, but you will win with a smile on your face.

same concept when i was a sponsered surfer and skimboarder. i would make myself a amazing board that rode like a magic carpet ride. i would ride that board until it was a splinter.

i am looking foward to my new jet9 build this winter. there are times when a hardtail is a bit hard to handle on rough trails. that is where the niner will come in. and on longer rides for my aching back. looking at about a 22-23lbs build with ceramic bearings and carbon everywhere. with a suspension bike you can take some luxurys that you can't with a hardtail.
its just not the same stomping on the pedals and going foward instead of squish. i exagerate, but you get the idea.

trail was much fun today. even in the mud. yukk

Ride report for today, muddy....

rode up millcreek road, big water trail to great western trail, down mid mountain into park city and back.

ok so i am such a dork......i forget how geeky i look until i see a pic of myself. no a typical jearsy with a million products on them, all black and not a letter on me. i wear alot of white in the summer. not your typical utah guy(6'2" 135lbs), no i am 5'10" 150lbs built like a roman warrior and track sprinter combined.
i consider myself skinny, but my ex gf aways said i was thick. i just thought she meant i.q. wise.
anyways i crack myself up and have to laugh, even if i am the only one.

here is a good shot my my mud tire doing its job. look ma no mud on dare.

there where a few muddy spots. i just played cx guy and pedaled thru. even though all speed was lost and it felt like my tires were big marshmellows.

here is short steep little climb. i had to turn around and do it about five times, using different lines. much fun. i like. is a secret weapon. edge carbon fiber wheels. 1450 for the set and they climb hills by their self. really i just lift my feet and coast uphills cause they are sooooo light. well thats how they feel. stiff and supa strong. some how i wound up with two sets. long story, but if ya what a set they are 3,000.00 for the set and chris king hubs. maybe if i like you i'll cut you a deal since i got one too.

oh yeah the gate is closed at millcreek for the winter, so ya gotta park halfway up and ride the rest of the way if ya wanna do the upper trails. i just ride up the hill since i live there anyways