Monday, November 10, 2008

A nice Irish rain today

rode up emigration canyon today, twice. once up the steeper part after the elbow and once going straight into the residencial area.

temp was around 45 degrees, but felt warmer in the light rain. very much like the constant rain in ireland during the first half of the year.

had a good combo of rain/gortex gear so the ride was comfy.

the grade up emigration is very gentle and at times very much rolling. since i ride alot of steeper stuff, this ride seems flat. i had to fight the feeling of doing a TT and accelerating to upper LT level.
ave. HR was 157, cadence 95, time was 2:03:06 for total ride including doing wastch as a warm-up. good base riding, coach is proud of myself. yes i am currently coach and sponsorless. something that will change after the first of the year.

not to worried about self coaching as i know what to do and when, just a matter of holding myself back and building up slowly. right on schedule though.

on a side note i glanced thru the new bike mag and saw another "lance armstrong article by his trainer. sheez, give it a rest already. its one non-stop carmicheal promotion after another. ok we got it. you train lance and he wins tdf. he can do it with out you, but he would not let you think that. riding multiple 6 hour training rides day after day and freaky genetics is what wins coach. not spuing out power meter facts after facts and studing them how 2000 was stronger than 2001. he still won right?

will be interesting to see after a three year break, how lance is going to ramp up back to long rides close together for a long stage race like tdf.
injury or under training is more of my opinion. but then again he has the best of everything. nutrition, testing, altitude tents, moving to aspen co., training in columbia with the spinards for three months at high altitude. alot of pressure, i'm sure he loves it. attention whore!!! bicycle rock star!!!

on a relative side note i have been opening the option to do a couple of stage road races, not next year, but the year after. the california stage series, the utah stage series, one in indiana and one in virgina. change of mind set comes from back pressure of past friends, lack of any real american challengers. i mean come on, levi, zebinski, lance comeback guy?.....etc. winning and or placing 2nd/3rd would qualify me to do tdf and demand tons of money that i could squander on my dog or something.
the TT's would be an obvious win as the hillclimbs. building back up to the constant attacks of stage racing would be the challenge i think for me.
raced mostly in the past as the top domestique, that after leading the pack and reeling everybody back in, brought the sprinters up to the front, took them out on a breakaway. and let them go by to sprint for the finish.
after that the coach said as long as i didn't block them i could sprint after they got a bike length in front of me. you know that i won every race that way. pissed off the sprinters and the coach everytime.(well i did come from a velodrome/track bike backround).
when i asked to be promoted to sprinter, he always refused saying i was the best domestique he has ever seen. great....
that was then and this is now...

the market is open for a some quick money making, bike racing stunts. and i like the idea of coming out of nowhere(again) and beating everybody. i guess injuries will play a bigger factor than training.

hopefully by the end of next year i can choose from a bike sponsor that could support such an effort.
time, nutrition, training, support is all there. will just have to see how the cards play out. first things first, is to have an undefeated year in xc, then possible cx repeat of same and go from there. my dislike for road racing has not been squashed, but one must do what one must to attain goals and a higher level of racing nirvana(bunch of crap, i like racing, i'm a pig).