Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunny winter day

is it winter yet? either way, what a day!!!

4.4 hour ride today. 163 ave HR, but had to get up to 170 a couple'o times from riding up bonneville.

millcreek meandered on the streets to bountiful, back down and up city creek road to the end, down and across bonneville shore trail to zoo, back home.

nice ride with varying temps. met neil on BST. nice guy and a good representation of quality people that populate the trails here.

note to self:
will have to do lambert park and corner canyon before the snow hits.

day off tomorrow, gonna wrench on the dodge van and get it running again. i'm going to havta yank just about the whole bottom end off to fix a recuring oiling problem. hopefully i didn't spin the main bearing and have to pull the whole engine out.

found out today that Richie Lawrence aka: rotondi, is in a band called "the loose acoustic trio". "soup on a bun" is a good song they do. ahhh rotondi, the good old days.........then polkacide comes to mind and many crazy shows in S.F.

i wish i knew how to put music on this blog. anybody? help?