Thursday, November 20, 2008

New 5x5x5 intervals today!!!!

so a friend suggested i try a new interval for winter training.
it one set of five for five minutes and five minutes in each between run. also each run is done a LT-10(which is 175 for me) and the five rest is done at 50 below that(125 for me).
this looks good on paper, but i kinda had my doubts.
did this on rattlesnake gulch, you know that steep part going up to pipeline.
anywho, the first one got me just past the big rock and "trail sign".

rode down and the crux is that your 5 min. rest can't start until your heart rate gets to 125. i had to spin up the hill on the street and cruz back down to the trail to achieve this.

second run was right to the big rock and the rest as well. i kept it in 22x30 gear and cadence of 92 which is tuff since that part of the trail is rocky and steep. tire pressure @ 40 to make it jsut a tad more challanging on the loose rocks.

total time took about one hour, not including warm up. so i didn't even feel like this was even a workout. then again this the whole reason for this drill.

a perfect way to take the day off and get some intervals done. i will replace these with my easy intervals(4x10 and do 3-7 reps). easy intervals take longer and were designed to keep you on the trainer during winter for 1.5 to 2 hours. this 5x5x5 can be done quicker and seems better for recovery days.

i had to force my self to drink a recovery shake just out of habit and do a cool down.

oh the pics above. i wore my "catlike" helmet today. its my backup and doesn't fit as perfect as the spuik. it does clamp-on to my noggin though and vents just a little better.