Saturday, November 22, 2008

ok so rode for 3 hours today. up millcreek. ride was clear for the first seven miles then turned to ice for 1 1/2 miles. (see pic 2)

i had many whooooaaa and a few yikeeeeesss. but got past it to the snow(see pic 1).

continued up on the snow for 2 miles to the yurt. turned around and got very chilly on the way down.
took pipeline down. rode 1/2 way up "mount aire". boy that is one steep climb!
then rode straight down 39th to state and back up to wastch, along wastch to big cottonwood and back home.

very easy ride, ave HR 161.
other than getting cold, not to exciting ride. but i must admit i really really like it here. wonderful trails and great people. while on wastch i conversed with a rodie thats been around the block here.
told him about my plans to beat the widowmaker record next year on a mountain bike. he kind of chuckled, then realized we were doing 33 mph uphill back wastch and i was not even winded like he was.

he said to look for him on the side of the road when i do the race, that he would be cheering me on.
that was nice, total stranger offering encouragement. i hope to have freinds every couple of miles to make sure i am showing off and not slowing down. lol....i'm such a ham..... maybe i sould be HamCanRacer