Thursday, November 27, 2008

Todays ride, to U.S.A., to sandy trails, to rain

free jacket today

da bike in front of da damm

damn its da damm

more water less damm
as a pre- turkeyday ride. rode up bouquet canyon. started with a little rain, tehn cleared up. its alot like emigration canyon but longer. same grade less cars. this man-made lake is at the top and there is a sandy fire road that goes down 7 miles down to the middle of the canyon. rode down and back up. what a soft marshmellow leg workout that was. then spun down the canyon road.
3 hours total and easy tempo. 171 ave hr due to soft trial.
on the first way up the road, i saw a rodie up ahead and used him as bait to catch as he was moving pretty fast up the hill.
well i finally caught him halfway up and he was that typical 50 years old, big belly, skinny legs, too many large words on his jersey and bike thing going on. german accent and very tan.
we talked about the old days of racing, the doping trials, new bike parts and knee pain.
great guy and funny, we hit it off. he tells me that he's got a usa jersey that is too small and might fit me if i want it. i say "sure". and we exchange numbers as i headed left at the trail head and he headed back down. see first pic. its a tad big, but works for me.