Saturday, November 29, 2008

Go ahead punk, make my day!!!!

todays ride was a 5 hour doozy. up millcreek canyon to pipeline. turnaround at elbowfork and down to wasatch. out to little cottonwood, then back to millcreek and repeat pipeline, then repeat wasatch.

didn't seem like it would take that long, but it did!!! ave. hr 165 and pfe of medium.

fell once going up pipeline on that really sharp switchback and took the handlebar to the stomach. nearly knocked the wind out of me. trooper that i am. i jumped up, pushed the bike cx style for half a min. and jumped on.
funny thing is that i barely remember getting up and going. it was so automatic. i could have been hurt really bad. i need to add a self check before jumping back on soo fast. damm racer mentality. the whole time i was thinking that i can't afford to lose time on a fall. dumbass!!

the coach gave me the ok to start the next phase of winter training. yeah!!! we are off into "building phase" and some medium intervals.
which means we can get up to LT(185 hr) with one 2-3 hour and one 5 hour ride per week.
well why coach?
because young grasshopper.
there was no change in cardiac response and overall timing for the two halfs of the workout today. in other words workout times two and "no change" your base is complete.

saw a guy on a off road unicycle today on millcreek. it looked tuff to do. fun ratio seemed low to me. challange ratio very high. no thanks