Tuesday, December 2, 2008

O.K. more funny youtube maddness

Are you a Star Wars nerd?

This viddy is actual right on..

You must see this....its so true for most people...

This is hillarious.......

just couldn't resist. made me laugh out loud.

AAaahhhhhhh, relaxing ride today

well not quite this relaxed, but comfy just the same.

2 hour ride, 172 ave hr. took off down wasatch to little cottonwood. up little cottonwood trail to the ruin. back down to the parking lot and up again. back home on wasatch.

this is a nice little trail, with moderate rolling grade. starts off with 1/2 mile of soft sandy trail. this part is a good leg strength workout at any speed. the rest kinda follows the creek one one side and below the road(hidden) on the other.
most of the climbs have embedded rock. and are just challenging enough to keep you awake. the trail today was almost muddy(very tacky) and the rocks were good and slick. i got lightly snowed on at the top. typical very warm on the ride up and cold toes/fingers on the way down.

there is a little wooden ladder ramp that ya need a little more speed than seems neccesary to get up-and-over. but its only 4 feet high, 1 foot wide and 10 feet long. easy stuff. slippery when wet though.
the sound, smell and sight of the creek is awsome.

got some good power spins and hard standup cranks on this trail today. its nice to let the caveman out for a few shorts bursts after having him chained up the last two months.

there can be alot of hikers on this trail so be curtious and do not race the downhill. it is very easy to go fast and loose control over the rocky descents.