Friday, December 5, 2008

today is rest day. yesterday was LT training. did 4x20 mins at 175HR. with a lonf break in between the first two. will do 2x20 mins at 175 HR tonight and then go for a long ride tomorrow. this is kinda of a block system to shock the system back into the swing of things.
nutrition is right on the money as i am recovering in 4-6 hours and feeling full recovery in 12 hours.
seem like i'm up to 5-7 thousand calories a day, but i think somedays i am even past that. weight is up to 160. hopefully i can keep that on for a while, except i see going back down to 150 by the end of january as the hard intervals take over.
trying to incorparate riding to work again since winter base is done i can ride up that big hill again with some "gusto".
its just so darn cold when i start and so darn hot by the time i finish.
i am stripping clothes as i climb the hill like a stripper. maybe i should be listening to "peggy lee" "hey big spender" as i, that was a joke.