Saturday, December 6, 2008

Muddy ride today

i thought i would be smart and ride up pipeline today to get a final ride there before the weather made it too muddy or snowy.
wrong. hit some deep mud about halfway up to the top. sorry to ya'all trail conservative types, but i left my tire track impression on the trail today. i am against that sort of thing, ehh i need to ride.
mud got so thick that shifting became a problem. got in 2x20 at just below LT and an hour of "zone 2-3" riding after that.
gonna havta do some wrenching on the hardtail tomorrow. maybe switch the shimano xtr rear mech with the sram xo. i liked the xo better for shifting, but the xtr was a few grams lighter.
also take off my road drops(bar ends) to get more xc race ready.