Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't get me started....


irish pride is a hard thing to stamp out.

i really think in the end there will be the us irish and cockroaches.
then only the irish.

here are the words:

you say you're telling me right now of how you think that it should be
by the hand of democratic law and the hand of decency
but you're raging, you won't talk law to me
or tell me any stand
you're pointing all the fingers but refuse to shake the hand

instead of sitting content in your ideals and your laws
you have to tell me what you see cause I can't see a lot
but I see how Democratic your law is when it's revised and necessarily changed
the irish were arrested without warrants cause they were soldiers armed and estranged

all's fair in love and war then they were tried without jury
the act said fear of jurors' death threats also,
no people could object to thee
they were arrested under special laws
and tried in diplock juries
but when asked by amnesty or your own countries they were criminalized as terrorists

so you can ignore political talks and
ignore political struggling
so you could hold on to your colony
without political juggling
so you sat firm and quiet in your country
and morals and common law promoting
but nationalists kept coming bombs
and people kept exploding

the somazas crushed nicaragua, the falklands, angola and nambia, south africa
they fought you tooth and nail 'til they were crushed or you gave up
you're not a democracy, you're a capitalist empire that
colonizes weaker lands and taxes natural resource, oil, diamonds and copper changing hands

you put in Democratic so-called government
as head of the state
that are willing to adhere to your bidding
and reap the measly profits from their state
and you colonize them with phone companies, McDonalds, and Nike plants
and erect military bases under the pretense of defense

but the truth is defense from revolution
in case the poor rise up
against the governments that you've helped to empower
and make the final stop
then you call them the 'communist menace'
and stage an attack from your own bases
then the government death squads
destroy their empty faces

you sent embargos on countries who don't agree or finally do revolt
see a free country can't sell their
natural resources on a global free market vote
the countries that sit on the NATO seats are all the same domineering five
and the butchers they empower
keep the rest of the seats alive

and the countries ostrasized by embargo that form the rest of the world
were forced to form a non-aligned organization a union so they could be heard
you call this a free market and your system democratic
but it's now a taxing empire that sends it's shots out dead sporadic

well you can take my contentment
my sense of security
you can beat me from head to toe til I bleed
you can starve me or freeze me
cause it's all the same to me
cause in my mind I know I want to be free

you send your pyschologist
to evaluate me
and give a report to the paper to read
I'm more stable than he is
I'm beginning to see
in this frustration of war, it's one purpose I see

I know of your tactics
to break people like me
separate love forever, I'm refused being seen
in the maze of our memories, we live there you see in our minds we are together and forever we'll be

you can murder my land,
make the skylarks scream
just to tell your provincials you'd not turn on them your possessive ego crushes my friends and me but I know in my mind that I want to be free

you fought ireland as an organized army
you fought them as a country
but they fought you as a people
and were oblivious as to which serf was defending

if you act like rats you get treated like this
but now you are rebutting
'cause who stood like a rock
when for tactics and answers
like rats you were scrambling

what to report in the media
to tell to those which you lied
when angolans and serbs and chinese
and nicaraguans and zapatistas and iranians
and cubans and irish are always the ones who have died.

Intervals in the snow are better than inside on the trainer.

frosty the snow bike was a jolly jolly non-indoor-trainer rider.

how to make snowcones inside your helmet.

yeah it was cold, but fun.
just rode up the snowy road and did 4x3mins x 8sets with a HR of 175.
riding on a road that has 4"-5" of snow is not that different from riding on a trail with snow.
its slippery, slow, mushy, challenging and a good workout. not as bad as mucky mud, but a good workout the same.
stoped during one of my spindowns and helped pushed a car that got a little off the road. good karma fer sure.
we all really need to practice brotherly love more often. ahhh group hug everybody......sheez, what a sap.
i don't know what gets into me sometimes. i can go from going way out of my way to help the less fortunate and then turn around and punish the greedy.