Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Accidental snow bike workout and new barends idea

ok so the last time i took the pug out, i was slippin and slidin due to an agressive leaning foward xc style body position. so i changed to a higher angle stem and brought it up on the post.

to further exaggerate upright sitting and putting weight farther back on the rear tire, i stuck long barends and faced them backward.

now i know this looks funny, but so does losing traction and spinning in one spot. did it work?

yes and no. i did accomplish enough weight on the rear tire to gain traction, but know i am fully upright and not in a position that i normally train on. training on this bike will be limited or i will have to go with plan "B". homemade SPIKES... ouch...

like this.....

i can still ride using the regular grips and only use the barends on uphills. i will try this for a while before moving on.

so today i took the doggies on pipeline for a little run. thinking it would be all hardpack by the hikers and runners......but noooo. it must have snowed last night cause i was first tracks in 6"-10" of powder. well it was a good test for the project barends.
only problem on soft powder it is a really good workout. so today(my rest day) will have to labled uder strength training for 1 hour. better than leg squats at the gym, i swear.