Sunday, December 21, 2008

Revolution bike shop ride today

went down to revoution bike shop for the weekend ride. only TY showed up. so went went for a 3 hour easy ride of rolling hills, with a HR of 150 to 160..
you never really know when riding with people you don't know and what to expect. but no surprises here i am glad to report.
the ride was snow free and relatively dry, although temps were around 28 degrees it didn't feel so(felt warmer).

Ty is a great guy and rode the whole ride at a talking level without so much as a balk. nice to ride with a higher caliber rider.

the ride started at 8700s and 700 e. we headed north to around 12400s and meandered up and down until we got to the I80 overpass. it was snowed over and we traversed it.
well Ty rode most of it, i rode and walk and rode and ran. we then meandered some more to the U of U.

then some more of the same on the way back. all in all it was a pleasant ride. i tried not to draft as it was just the two of us and Ty was mostly leading as he knew the way. but riding double on the bike path with snow got us beeped a coulple of times.

here is the of you need to come out next time. oh look at me...such a poser. not as laid back as Ty.