Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Skiing at Deer Valley today with Mother Theresa

first some helpfull hints from the lodge.....

beware of sleeping ski giants with their butts in the stream.

this is a good one and i used it a couple of times.
its ok if you are going too fast to ski over a slower person. just make sure that the skis go on each side of the slower skier.

please use x-ray vision on all signs to see hidden message

be extra careful of hidden giants on the side of the hill.

this is either a warning about "snow snakes" attaching themselves to your skis. or some new dance all the kids are doing on the slopes.

so here are my skis. yup.

today was made possible by the lovely and expert skiing instructor"mother theresa". she is the best. we had great weather, great snow, great conversation, great fun......yeah today was great. thank you many mnay times.

just a shot of the many buildings nestled on deer valley ski resort.

all the lifts were fast, non-crowded and sported friendly people.
it was a good six hours of quad workout.
so i havn't alpined skied in many moons. i had to start on the bunny slope with my snow plow. after two times i was ready to take my snow plow to the intermediate slopes. over the course of the day we must have done all the easy and medium hills and it was a blast.
my snow plow got better untill i felt like i was swooshing with the rest of the thirty other people on the mountain. no kidding, no crowds at all there. ski to a lift and go right up, no waiting.
i only had one real yard sale and the rest were some slow slid outs. although i did have one epic comedy performance were i ended up backwards with both skis in opposite directions, on top of both ski poles with my hands pinned to the ground and stuck like that. reminded me of that "disney goofy" cartoon.

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Mother Theresa said...

digging the signs translations! I'll pass it along to the 'man'.