Sunday, January 25, 2009

more millcreek today in the snow...yeah!!!!

so rode up millcreek canyon today for a 1.5 hour TT of 180 hr. the ride started out pleasant with soft flaky light snow for some of the hillclimb up. it soon turned to sleet. then sidways blizzard, then to the usual softer powder falling from the sky.

rode the vassago with the nokian studs. good choice today and they perform great with about 15 psi. i was even able to stand up and pedal on the snowy road pass the gate.

this is going up the canyon road on the street.

here is the beast full loaded down. the pogies still rock and even borderline too hot. temp today was about 33 degrees and some wind.

hard to tell but it was coming down sideways here

just a shot of the new snow on the trees

this is the road passed the gate. hardpack with about 2-3" of soft.

barely making a tire print in the snow. one guy still had to complain about riding a bike there. i had to remind him that i left less of a print than the hikers and dogs. that shut him up. this is a public recreation area. people act like its a nordic only resort. go and pay for it if that is what you want.






Sandblogger said...

Nice. Not hard to get the HR up to 180 when lugging studs up the hill! I can't believe I didn't embrace riding in the winter earlier. It's great to be the only nutjob out on a bike in a blizzard.

OilcanRacer said...

yeah i'm really enjoying it too.

havn't had to use the indoor trainer once this winter. especially with the pug and the studs on the big wheel bike.