Saturday, February 28, 2009

double head wind and knee pain...

the workout idea today was suppost to be a 5-6 hour ride with some hills. i have an old injury on my right knee that sufaces when i push sittting down too hard. which is exactly what i've been doing this month. i am surprized it took this long to come back.

so i did 3.5 hours instead and limped home.

here is wastch, my usual warmup routine cause its just right outside da house. another nice day huh.

jeez look at me i'm a "redneck". oh well the start of my funny bike riders tanline.

so i rode from millcreek to corner canyon. yeah yeah, i know i was just there, but there is not a whole lot of dry trails right now. anyways it was a head wind getting over there on 13th. push push in the wind at 21mph. i am getting good aero training at least.
the trail at corner caynon is still dry. i threw the fox f29 back on the vassago as the jet9 will not be ready for red rock rampage next week due to parts not come in yet.

i also filled a 3 liter water bladder and stuffed it in my pack just incase i needed more water and the extra weight is a good workout. really good!! dat is heavy.
here is the construction from the other side. saturday and nobody was working.

although i had 28 psi in the tires today i felt slower on the f29 front shock. even at lock out it still has a small amount of give to it.

uummmm, the same pic as above? i'm such a dork...
so i rode around on the single track. much fun again and i pushed it a bit harder keeping HR around 165. did a quick out and back on bst to the north as well.

then the ride back and more head wind....huh?...again? yes the wind must have changed and i had to push the same wind back home.

last night when switching forks i put on a sram x.o. short cage rear derallier. i had this one laying around just waiting to on this bike as i run it as a 2x9 and sometimes 1x9. with the new cable on there it didn't really shift as fast, but once it stretches out a bit should get me the usual click/shift that i like sram for.
the medium cage sram x.o. will go on the jet9 as a 3x9. i figure that bike will see alot of epic and long distance riding this year, so the extra front chainring will get used.

i just liked this shot. its like having a camara on my knee. hey its "kneecam"......

just as i was pulling up to big cottonwood canyon my right knee started screaming out in pain. i was spinning all ride, but i could feel it coming on from the last ride. so i skipped the hill and just rode a couple of laps on wastach with the million other cyclist. its such a parade on the weekends there.
everybody seems interested in the vassago frame and i get alot of questions.

along the road there a rodie on a very fancy TT bike went by sooo fast that i almost didn't see him. he past without even making a sound. which was puzzling me as i seemed to be flapping in the wind like a loose sail on a ship. he even had a TT helmet and lycra booties. boy he must have been really cutting the wind to do that.
the temptation to click up a couple gears and catch him was almost too much, but i behaved and nursed my knee untill time was up and i could go home.


JoshuaMcC said...

Hey Oilcan,
I noticed you've got Nokon housing on your bike. I just ordered some for my new bike, then I was reading online that a lot of people have problems with it creaking etc in the dust. Have you had any problems? It bummed me out that I dropped that much dough on an "upgrade" if it's gonna cause me new problems. I honestly just got it for the bling factor.

OilcanRacer said...

no problem with dust or creaking. i really put my bikes thru their paces and would have noticed that.

i try to run as short a line as possible, without to sharp of a bend.

everthing is smooth and quick shifting.

i have noticed on one bike that had a akward bend with alot of movement when i turned that the little links after one year where starting to wear/compress some.

i put a million miles on that bike so the wear and tear factor is higher for me.

all in all i am very happy with these housings. they are lighter and easy to set up. i have been able to do about 2 1/2 bikes with each set in a box.

you will be happy. if it makes a difference i rum teflon coated wire as well.