Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 Frozen Hog race today and pics now!!!

got up early to find a few snow flakes coming down and got excited packing the pugsley for the race. i was hoping for lots of snow, but we got just a smigden and then it stopped.

this is what it looked like when i got to alpine in lambert park

bruce and all the guys put in many many hours of prep to the course and race details. everything went off as planned, cept for the last minute course change that did not favor the pug and big wide tires. more on that later.

here is the beast in the early dawn wanting to get at the snow. vroom vroom.

this bike was one of the many raffle prizes donated to cancer.

here we see pre-race activity, people just getting there and readying themselves up.

ok so a couple of things learned today. its good to learn on race day.

something i all ready know is "expect the unexpected". the course changed by adding alot more of fireroad that has seen cars driving on them and were icy at first, then puddled with ice water, then with cold muddy water holes and tire rutts. that is not conducive to pug tires and in the first lap i took a high speed fall after finding a sheet of ice under 1" of slush on top.

tore my front brake line off, so i only had rear brakes to try to slow the heavy bike during the race. this caused many more slower and less caustic crashes, also adding alot of time on my total score.

secondly i hit the right knee on the handle bars and the left somehow on the pedal. as i got up many people passed and i struggled to get going, limping along for the next 10 min. then got up to a resonable speed.
before that i got a great holeshot at the start. somehow was positioned dead last before the announcer said go and everybody started spinning and sliding and falling and a few took off in front.

i bolted to the side, made a couple off narrow passes and ended up right near the front where i wanted to be. someone yelled "warrior" at me and i doubled my efforts.

figuring that the pug tires would float me faster on the slight downhill after the shake down loop. got busy passing as riders bobbled and fell. i had a few of my own and slowed down a bit.


i could see the leader and was slowly catching when i took the above ice fall and became momentarely slow.

well thats all it took and i got bottled neck with slower riders and mushy snow as the leaders pulled farther away.


i figured to be going faster than them on the downhills and flats and they would be faster on the uphill. i keeped a steady pace of passing people both in the sports and womans and single speed group as well as in the expert group. but it was to no avail. i could not be speedy enough to catch the leaders as the flats and downhills were plagued with slower riders.

i tried turning on the heat on the uphill in the second and third lap, but was severly disadvantaged with a 34 lbs pug and most of that being in the tires that had very little grip going up.

i became a pug pushing monster and started over taking people that were pedaling up the slippery muddy/slushy hill. there is a price to pay for such heroic efforts and that was losing focus on the downhill and crashing more.

the third lap left the experts alone on the torn up rutted and yet still slushy course. i made up some more time, although there was two brave souls right behind me most of the way. they were actually riding in my 4" wide pug tracks and loving it. they would surge close and then get dropped over and over. i lighted a fire under the my rockets near the end and passed the remaining experts minus the lead pack that got away, as they finished a small amount before the rest of us.

seeing the lap times shows that we all had just about the same lap speeds, it was just that fall and stunned time loss that did me in. maybe if your not to squimish i'll post bruises pics of my knees tomorrow.

stay tuned as i will add pics and viddy as they come in on the net.

oh yeah i managed third place...ho hum....

fitness was ok. i still feel like 60% of potential, but that is rising every month and training is right on track. i have to remind myself that i took seven years off of almost no exersicing and this is sonly the first year back and the begining of the year.

i am therorizing that i need only to improve another 10-15% to start beat the really fast local guys and then 10% to go after the national group. that would mean 85% of my potencial and that is doable by the end of this year if i can stay injury free!!!

this one is from tuffguppy on forum. you can see me getting into it. look at the barely hanging on number plate. post fall pic for sure.


lots of other pics here

these were poached from that site.

ohh look how mudless i look here...

sprint finish or should i say push finish

awards and looking dapper in my addidas jacket...not!

here is the frozen hog video of 2009


here is viddy poached from kanyonkris


Sandblogger said...

good post. That looks like fun!

GenghisKhan said...

I wondered how the FH went--thanks for the update and congrats on the 3rd Place! Just out of curiosity, how many folks were there all together?

OilcanRacer said...

it was much fun....

i would estimate about 2oo people there with about 130 racing.

GenghisKhan said...

Great post and pics--can't believe those tires on your Surly--bigger 'n' my car! ;o)

OilcanRacer said...

yes and by the end of the race in the mud and slush they felt as heavy as your car tires.

Sam Moore said...

Hey good job Saturday and good post report. Are you planning on attending the Intermountain Cup series this year? Let me know, I'm looking for a small possi to travel with now and then. Welcome back to the race seen. Sam

OilcanRacer said...

yes sam i have all the intercup scheduled as well as a couple of hill climbs(my specialty) like both widowmakers, park city and city creek sprint.

i was going to add sea otter and fontana but rising costs is persuading me not to.

but....if we were to form a "possi" and share traveling cost more races could be added.

i am also looking foward to the CX season as well.

sam are you racing pro or expert this year?

GenghisKhan said...

OCR--as Friedrich Nietzsche said, "What does not destroy me, makes me stronger"; what he should have said, "What does not destroy me, makes me tired, miserable and ornery!" ;o)

OilcanRacer said...

yeah i have that same modifiied saying:

"that which does not kill me, makes my joints hurt more later on in life"

all the years of skateboarding, bmxing, skimboarding, surfing, snowboarding and of course millions of miles on a bike take its toll.
but "what a life" i've had and am still having!!!

GenghisKhan said...

Word, true dat and any other no longer word or phrase of agreement. ;o) Sounds like you'll have lots of good stories for when the OCR becomes the ORC--Old Rockin' Chair! ;o)

OilcanRacer said...

"old rockin chair" is closer than i am willing to admit.

thats why i am hopped up about this comeback quest i have jumped on.

GenghisKhan said...

Good luck on your quest--keep riding that Surly and you're sure to get tougher! ;o)