Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Expensive little ride today

so i met up with giantwarp cause he wanted to do pipeline and well why not i live right there and i had the time.

here i am and i am going to say it again, what a dork!! why can't i just look smooth or fast or something? at least i match

here is mr. giantwarp looking all ready for the first steep climb up rattlesnake gulch. he rode the trail with authority and confidence. his bike ate the ground in front of him cleaning most of the tougher sections on the climb and was seen to have a smile on his face.

got me some oakley racing jackets, a red and a blue one. the red have normal lenses and the blue are a bit fancier.

well the ride was fun at a nice relaxing pace. the weather was perfect!!
on the way down i overcooked(yeah what else is new)a corner and got the big front tire on a loose rock. the loose rock made my tire throw-up and it washed out.
went down not too hard, but slid on the gravel producing some skin tear-age and some small holes in the "black night" jersey.

a little while later the rear derailluer got all knackered up and twisted back. cause was the hanger bent in on the fall and it took one shift to get it caught up.
this sram xo is toast. bye bye, it is a late wrong is a late derailleur.

uncovering the body found the usual bumps and scrapes. seems like the more superficial ones hurt the worst.

my knee, also a few on the shoulder and hip.

so i will have to cancel tonights ride and tommorow mornings, sorry guys.

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Sandblogger said...

Glad to see you are back out there!