Saturday, May 30, 2009

5x2 intervals

cardio has been low so i have targeted max hr lately. recovery and strength seem to be just fine. its endurance and lack of stamina at anything over 180 hr(my theoretical LT).five intervals twice with a 20 min. spin in between made yesterday an easy but purposeful day. intervals were set for a 2 minute duration. just long enough to hurt, but not long enough to get into lactate training. 20 minute spin on wasatch put me on the roadie freeway. it always entertains me the whole roadie thing with all the different personalities. its kinda like high school all over again.

two max hr days and two 1-2 hour lactate days are my week right now until my knee gets better.

on another note i have been playing my bass lately and my wrist have been hurting from doing that and riding. so i switched back to my off season bar the "jones H-bar"(titec version).
i know the left side is fatter and needs to be rewrapped. this bar has soo many hand holds and is quite comfortable in the regular swept back position. very natural and the forward holds are perfect for me to represent drops. i can really stretch out and get low without hurting my back.
the aero position doesn't hurt my speed either. i usually run thumb shifters up front, but didn't feel like changing the grip ones. this puts the brakes a tad bit forward, but i can still reach them with my big hands.

i like the grip shifters as they feel superior in speed shifting and control. i never accidentally shift or go the wrong way as some others have said so. far lighter too. i just use them as part of my grips and they fit my hands fine. better on the wrist IMO.


Cobes said...

Interesting. I've been considering getting one of those bars for the SS. Still a little unsure since everyone I know has been breaking their goofy bars.

OilcanRacer said...

mr cobes,

no way you will be breaking these bars or even bending them. they are burly. not is a heavy kind of way but in a well built way.

they really don't flex much even on my ridgid bike. the comfort level is outstanding and the torque you can apply to the bike while standing is higher than regular bars due to the more natural position your sholders, wrist and hands are in.

i can really get more back and leg muscle into the bike thru these bars especially at those slow grinding, mashing uphill gut busters.

ummm...not that i am doing any of that mashing in case any of my knee doctors are reading.

they come in differnt widths and stem sizes as well as riser or flat.
if ya got the dough(and i know you do!!) get the flat TI version. seems like they would have the best flex, strength and lightness than the aluminum ones.

OilcanRacer said...

ohh yeah you might want to get a slightly longer stem as the regular grip position is set back just a bit.

you can test mine out too see what will work on your bike since they are mostly the same.

Cobes said...

Cool, I'll check it out. I don't know if we sell Titec, but I'll definitely hassle the buyer if we don't. Thanks.