Thursday, January 1, 2009

more pics from Squaw peak ride

the polar men of utah up on the mountain!!!!

these first five poached from racerjared

there was a lone and crave cyclocross guy who said later that he just sold his mountain bike because he was moving to kansas. rode the snow anyways

another group shot with the white stars on my back.

da line up at the bottom

here is a shot of the ruts. the snow was hard and the ruts were very influential.

these others poached these from kanyonkris.....thanks






Rode the Second annual Squaw Peak Hillclimb

overcast conditions, hardpack, ruts and surprize soft spots. it was a fun morning ride on a snow covered road above provo. 30-40 riders made this event and all had a great time.

this was part of the line up at the bottom of the hill. lots of nice bikes and nice people. look theres bob.

more at the line up. start with a small road uphill untill we reached the trail.

a new onespot single speed on its maidan voyage.

another single speed. there were alot of these masher guys doing the ride today. boy are they tough!!!!! climbing in the snow, uphill, in the same gear the whole way.....

here we are at the top. bikes thrown down and laid down carefully, whatever your style is.

for the second year in a row fatcycylistbloguy went shirt less. let me tell you, it was work to get up the hill slippin and sliding, but it was not warm enough to do this. some people are just tougher than others.

more cohorting at the top. it started to get chilly and we had to hurry up and snap a couple of pics before riding down.

everybody looking casual at the top.

here is the prize for climbing this hill. a great view and a sense of accomplishment.
so no i did not crest first at the top, but i was not trying to. its too early in winter to be doing any riding too high in my heart rate zone. but much fun none the less. heart rate was kept at 165 steady as she goes most of the way.
i started with 32 psi and never aired down. my mistake and was to stubborn to stop and lower the psi. if the ride was 5 miles, my odometer said 10 miles as my rear tire was sliding two slins for every one it went foward.

the ride down was equally challenging as the ruts would throw your front or rear tire at any time to one side or the other. then you would hit a soft spot and go over the bars. i went over the bars twice and sideways three times. one time i went over another riders said "HA-HA", then he flipped over. as we sat there i gave him his "HA-HA" right back and we laughed, got up and fell twenty feet down the ride.

i have some studded tires on order and was hoping they would be here for this ride, but they have not arrived yet. the studded riders had a much easier time than us nonstuds.