Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pogies review, pogies test, moose mitts, atv mitts

todays ride was 2 hours and single speed training. strength training by keeping it in the 36x18 gear and not shifting all ride. up and down hills and spinning flats.

so on to the test. i picked up a set of these pogies, moose mitts or whatever you wanna call them, on ebay for $15.00 and shipping. a better deal than making them myslef which is what i did in the past.

the construction is simple a 90 degree angle, nylon outside and fake sheepskin on the inside.

the fit is spot on and will conform to most mountain bike bars. they clear shifters, cables and even barends.
hear is the surprize. the ebay pic showed another kind of material, but these came with very insulating and comfortable sheepy liners. i can see these getting dirty down the road, maybe from road mud, but just throw them in the laundry machine or by hand and they will clean up just fine.

the straps help to keep a secure and windless fit. ample room for your hands that make a cave of warmth.

straps are sturdy and didn't slip.

on the ride today temp was 33 degrees and no wind. rolling hills and medium intensity ride. first off i run hot, so you might be a few degrees cooler. i had to roll down the sleeves as i had on a bike jacket and needed cooler temp for the up hills. the length is good stopping 4 inches of your elbows.
still i had to roll them down and keeped them there. comfort was high and i didn't notice any rubbing or wierd pinches. the size is ample enough to wear full insulated mitten and still have extra room left over.
you could even store a few things next to your hands, but when you remove your hands from them they tend to droop, so stuff might fall out.

i like the design and shape. it did the job and seems well built/rugged. you could take a fall and be confident that they won't rip easily. easy to get your hands in and out also.
i still need to try these on colder days(10 degrees and windy). they are wind and waterproof so no worries there.
for the price they cannot be beat and the ease of not having to take off your gloves to wipe glasses, change songs on the mp3, take pics, zipper or adjust clothes, pretty much anything that cannot be done with gloves.
i broght some thin liners incase my hands got cold, but i don't even see a need for those even in colder weather.
these pogies hold heat generated by your hands in and protect from the wind/elements. easy to use and andcan be switched from bike to bike easily.
a great product. you can find them also as atv mitts.
now get out in the cold and ride!!....