Sunday, January 11, 2009

todays ride up millcreek, six times

well todays ride signifies another bump foward in training. thats why its called building phase. see you build up more and more. yeah yeah ok.

i did 6x25 mins of LT training at 180. what? yes that is almost at my LT and at this point just very well be my LT till i get it back up to 185 HR

boy, so the first four times up the hill starting at wastch up to the gate where the nordic skiers are, felt really good. really smooth sitting and spinning trying to use bigger gears.

i mean really really good. might have been the massage or just all that training starting to pay off, but i was feeling like racing shape.

180 is a good number for me as it represents a speed that is at or just beyond most riders LT, but still cruzing for me. i am actually almost resting at this speed and still flying up the hill.

so the next two i pushed a little harder, standing up and attacking the small steep parts. millcreek is about 9% and has a few short 12% parts. almost a rolling uphill ride. very nice for working out.

it was crowded on sunday at the ski part with people and doggies.
all the intervals up were very close in time and speed. it was a very consistant workout and coach was happy.

Massage review from Massage Matrix in salt lake city, utah

i made an appointment with lisa, from massage matrix in utah. the salon is across the street from trolly courners.
i needed to find somebody in town that was good, affordable and knew how to massage an athelete.

lisa works on the pro soccer team here in town as well a list of other important people. she is the one to see for your aching body needs.

this is the reception area and from the start you can tell this is a classy place. its not the run of the mill mall massage or add to a chiro office place. it is seperate and very bohemian. nice atmostphere. the smell of incense and sound of running water calms you as soon as you enter the door. the staff is very professional and curtious.

this a small part of the onbeyonce, that stretchs through out the salon.
they offer full service from stream bath, showers, relaxing rooms, double massages..... on and on...

the decore is very nice and not over done.

just another touch of this palace. the rooms farther along are dimmly lit and i felt at ease there. a good place to unwind.

more comfy chairs. there are sitting rooms and chairs everywhere for your tired soul and body.
the massage with lisa was perfect. not too hard and not too soft. she knew right where to go and found all my knotted trouble spots. a pleasant and charming masseuse lisa is very knowlegdable of body mechanics and pressure points. she is a very giving person and it shows in her work. the hot oil and towels was really nice.
i have been getting massages since i was young and invovled in racing bikes. i have had my share of bad body manipulators and lisa rates very high.
i left on cloud nine and felt refreshingly envigorated yet relaxed. this is what i need to feel like more often. this is not a luxury, but a neccesity!!
call make an appointment and ask for "lisa".
i would certainly reccomend her for your needs and will be returning regularly.