Monday, January 12, 2009

Sette Razzo , thinking about it.....

been thinking about this frame as a single speed, mainly because its inexpensive(250.00 from

the geometry look good. longer tt and good head angle. the chainstays are a bit long for a SS in my opinion at 45cm(17.7"), but it would match my vassago at 14.8"

i like shorter chainstays on an ss as you will have to stand and mash alot, more to grind up some hills. rear tire traction will suffer the longer the chainstay.

also the max tire looks to be a 2.3 for the rear. i run a 2.2, but a larger tire would be nice for the same above reason and for being able to air down for grip and comfort.

comfort is another issue. aluminum frames tend to be harsh. this ss will be a rigid and longer rides will hurt. a bigger tire will help some.

the two bolt rear hanger idea is a bad one. looks like a weaker design and prone to bending or breaking.

welds look sloppy. who knows what kind of penitration is under those big gloppy welds. most factory welds are stong enough(i hope)

this is a nice touch. a brace at the top of the seat tube. why not one at the head tube as well. there is more flexing force up there than here.
this will take some more thinking and benchracing......

btw poached pics from