Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lynskey jewel, must see!! Belt drive Single Speed, SS

this is one hot paint job from Lynskey. their frames are amazing and i am looking into a 29er single speed from them. i would be be happy with this one, but it is a custom for a client and i don't need to be a copy cat.

great detail

their SS 29er uses paragon sliders and short chainstays. that is what i want!!!

wait the part that i am most interested in is they have a belt drive option.
belt drive, belt drive, belt drive crazy..... ok i have lost it.
the only better thing would be if i could get a 36er one in belt drive....sheez...

Up Emigration canyon today

what a beautiful day today. warm(well it was lower 40's) and dry minus the snow melt on the street. so for vowing to not get back into road racing i have been on the street alot lately......
yesterday did an hour and half of easy spinning on millcreek pipeline with the dogs on the pug. it was very hardpack and could have riddin the vassago and nokian studded tires. the pug was comfy with low tire pressure bouncing along.

going up emigration today with variables of keepping in a 36x18 gear(single speed strength training) the whole way. this is a good gear for this hill as it is not very steep and gently rolling...until you make the turn att he elbow for the last push to the top.
here is the elbow and it gets a little steeper. i had to stand up and mash some to keep speed and finish it in 35 mins. this is my minimum right behind keeping HR to 175 ave and not passing 180.
that was a bit of a crux, because i reached the elbow at 25 mins(not paying attention to time) and had to hoof it to the top and not peak HR.
there are things you can do to keep or lower HR. one thing is long slow breathing. fast breathing takes energy. another is practice economy riding. tensing or using only the minimal muscles need to do the job. you would be surprized how by just relaxing and letting things flow works so good. unfortunatly it is not a race tactic unless you have to really backoff and rest while riding.

this is about midway and it looks pretty much clear of snow and water. saw a few riders as it was a nice day to ride.
i think people are reconizing me, as i get honks and the thumbs up from car people and other bike riders yelling "oooooooooiilcaaaaaaaaannn" as they pass in the oppostie direction

here is a pic from the top. the shimano mw80 shoes are working out perfect and my toes are very happy. it was very cold on the way down, but feet were warm without booties.

so there is a lake you can see at the top of the hill. can somebody tell me the name of it?