Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eating bread with bread and going to the dog park

listening to patti smith "pissing in a river" and "ask the angels" i am feeling somewhat mellow, but empowered by her music and my regaining fitness.

you know the feeling, regaining of youth or taking a magic pill.

except the magic pill is training, hard training. i don't suspect that we lose that much fitness, only feel like it compared to race season peak. the feeling of stomping on the pedals and accelerating up a steep long hill that seems impossible to walk up. before you know it you have crested the top, breathing instantly returns to normal and you have that hungry look on your face. that wild eyed, roaming, looking for trouble guy.

well something like that. i feel good. stronger for pushing it.

rode the pug around tanner dog park for 2 hours while the doggies played.

here are my accomplises. the short stocky one is the brains and the lanky is the pick pocket if you have treats that is.

here is an update on parleys pass if you want to connect north and south wastch.

getting better, but not ready for a road bike.
today i also had lunch with the very lovely mother theresa.
we walked to spin cafe, a nice little joint with good home made style food. i had the alfredo with bread. now my grandmother told me one day "its a fool that eats bread with bread". she meant that you don't need to eat carbs and carbs. but i do anyways.
so for part of my dinner i had jalapeno cheesy bread, with my rice swimming in chicken broth. mmmmmm, yummy, but lots of carbs. good thing i am skinny.
can you say spicy!!!!! i drank a gallon of water after that.

i sat in a massage chair today at costco, it felt niiiiice!! maybe i will get one.