Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trail work at Frozen Hog today, lambart park

well bruce has done a great job putting signs on the course and it is easy to follow. i only lost the trail twice because signs had been knocked down by teenagers and four wheel drives.

1/3 of the course is very ridable on any kind of knobby tire bike. the rest was a hike-a-bike for me. i only had footsteps to follow as nobody has ridden that part of the course.

it really just needs about 30 people to walk it and it will be perfect to ride. get out there(lambart park) and do some hiking please.

so i rode/pushed the pug and it did its job well. after my first lap, i met up with derek and...sti....?? i don't remember the other chaps name, but both nice guys. we rode the fire rode a short loop and went home as it was nearing end of day.

these two were hanging out, but didn't have anything to say. a bit furry though.

my doggie has the same spots!!!