Friday, January 30, 2009

Frozen Hog-Lambert park stomp down two step

either i invented a new dance step or a great new workout routine. working backwards from the end of the loop, i stomped the edge of the trail that was shoveled out 2 feet wide already.

a little at a time i did baby steps 2"-3" at a time all the way to the water tower. thats alot of snow stomping!!
here is the trail pre-my stomp. the dogs did their part, but also spent time clearing the area of deer that were everywhere.

here is a small portion of what i was doing(the left side)

i also managed to shovel some of the corners and stomp them wider as many of us will be cooking into these and overshoot them. shoveled some little uphill section too.
this was a very good workout and i am tired!!
will go back tomorrow for some riding and further packing on the expert course. be there at 12 noon please