Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lets play catch up....long new white jet9....another single speed

lets start with the best new stuff. ordered this frame back in nov., then it snowed. didn't have alot of motivation since it wasn't showing up until jan. picked it up from my sponsor revolution bike shop. they were as happy as i was when i saw it.

it is quite beautiful in gleaming white. i have about 3/4 the parts for it. i am missing a front fork, so the f29 off of the vassago will go on until i can get a carbon lefty for it. missing cranks and pedals as well along with a few nick knacks.

i will post a detailed list as soon as i can get ahold of what i have to put on it.

the second is a jenson usa aluminum frame from a follower on this blog. kurt contacted me and said he had a frame laying around and i could have it to turn into a single speed. thanks and yes i took it.
i have all the parts to build this up cept for a rear cog spacers and tensioner. those parts came in today and i will take it out for a little spin tomorrow.
thanks again.

got over to lambert park in alpine to put in four laps on the race course. the shake out lap isn't dug out, but the rest is ridable.

had to pump up the tires to 30 psi to get them to grip. seems like the snow conditions vary alot on the course. in the soft the harder tires cut thru to the harder snow or dirt and grip good!!
in the harder snow no problem. the skinnier the better. you will need to slice thru.
i tried fatter tires on the 29er and they just floated and had me all over the trail. could not get any bite on the up hills and the downhills had me off the trail most of the time.

with such a heavy strength and core last couple of weeks, i have been tapering down alot for the "frozen hog" race on sat.
did a little run up desolation trail to lookout point with the dogs today. they like it when i run for some reason.
look at that tongue!!! she could lick her eyeball with that.

i don't know if he is laughing at me or with me, but its a good chuckle

standard pose for the camara. my dog has this look down pat.

another happy shot from a husky that likes to run in the snow.

such a cutie!...

so i have been riding to work and getting some good strong intervals in big gears. couple that with some hill sprints pushing the bike i feel somewhat ready for frozen hog. i mean it is the off season and fitness is not that high yet.
i predict alot of pushing and hike-a-bike for this course. if it doesn't snow the course will be sufficent muddy that a cyclecross bike might be a better choice.
if it does snow some that morning the resulting slush will be the same and mix with the mud.
...hmmmm..must put a bigger fender on bike. maybe one off a motorcycle....