Thursday, February 12, 2009

easy spin and dog hike today

rode for 1.5 hours 165 HR easy and fun. just an out and back to little cottonwood canyon on wastch. this is pretty much everybody's easy spin route and it works. rolling hills and wide bike lanes.

as you can see below there is still some snow in the bike lanes on wastch every now and then so watch out riders.

threw on a new back fender as the last one accidently broke when i grabed it wrong. this one is a cheap sette, but it is wider and works. the front is a cheap rear fender acting as a frame mounted front.
i found out today that if i open the pogies a small amount at the bar- ties they act as vent and keep the hands from over heating. today was 30 degrees and soft constant snowflake falling enough to wet my glasses, but not enough to make the road too wet or slushy.

more view of wastch with the off and on snowy road. the canyon hills begged me to ride them, but my right knee is still hurting from the fall at the race and i want to ride more this week. i don't know how i finished the race with two banged up knees and even got third.....