Sunday, February 15, 2009

City Creek and some road miles today

rode streets down to city creek.
3 hour med intensity ride. three TT's of 30 mins at 175-180 HR. 12 standing micro bursts of 20 seconds up hills spread out during the TT's.

went back on 7th to get some flat road work. incountered a head wind and only managed 22-23 mph. got out to 123,000 street and back to 9th. up 45th and attacked "that" hill to wasatch.
you know "that" hill i am talking about. it is 14% grade for 3 miles, then gets steeper. just when you think your done. you look up and it gets even steeper. feels like 45% grade, but its really only 22%.
that last 1/4 mile of 22% i first rode up in a 36x22 gear and got HR up to 186. soryy coach, my bad.
turned around, fly back down and did it over again in a 36x30 gear for a 180 HR. thats better.
but it is a ball buster either way.

i will revist in two days to do some 190HR intervals in big gears.

temp was warmish from 22 to 29 degrees. the sun even graced us with some shining for our winter tan.

here you can see there is snow on the grass of the park, but the main street is clear.

i tried to copy taking my own pic like in my new favorite blog "pedal circles" about a bike racing couple that started a few years back and have progressed to doing very well in races.

right after the gate at the park the road is snowed up, but ridable.

after the main entrance to the upper road it is plowed with only a couple of semi icy spots. even makable on a road bike. looks like they used that plow truck right there.

farther up after the pump station it is not plowed, but there is a truck tire track if you are brave enough to slip and slide. i made it up to the top. well....... to the bathroom at the end of the paved road.
after that the trail is pretty much under 1-2 feet of snow and too much for my non-studed 29er tires i rode today.
it was challanging riding up on 30psi racing ralph 2.4 front and michelin xt ac 2.2 in back. i was too stubborn to air down and figured i am in strength training month anyways

for those that didn't believe me that i added a 5 pound weight to a 22 pound hardtail just for a harder workout. in two weeks i add another 5 pound weight as well. i am carrying a 20-30 pound backpack as well.

thanks for the recent set of emails from readers.
and readers from these cities, nepal, tokyo, phlippines, argentina, more croatia, venice, sigmaringen, denver, seattle, winnipeg, berwyn, guelph, spanaway, belleville, crofton, göttingen, arcata, murrieta, worcester, parrottsville, orillia, dublin, einbeck, poway, london, Des Moines, kirknewton, Cividale Del Friuli, Newmarket, just goes on and on.
very interesting that i am so international. great and thanks!!!