Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Low motivation workout

felt like getting this haircut today. woke up low energy and low motivation. guess skipping my recover food after the ride home from work last night was a bad idea. i know better, why do i do that?
why do we sabotage ourselves sometimes.....?
hey look just like the "watching the world wake up" blog. i like this guy. he appeals to my know-it-all attitude.
so anyways...tanget:
the ride to work is alternating big ring grind speedy dude and smaller ring spin really fast dude.
the big ring days gets me up the steep hill very fast and lately its hard to believe i am home already.
small ring is around 100 cadence and in 32x22/20 and my legs look blurry at night.
as a gauge of fitness as i am not pushing this ride very hard, i am getting home faster and in bigger gears every couple of weeks. i know fitness will slow down eventualy, but at this rate i will be home in 5 minutes in a 44x11 gear by the end of the year.
right!!! like that is going to happen. but it is nice to see progression at a medium level.
todays ride.
i had planned hard, high HR intervals on "that" hill. but i was not sure doing this was a good idea in a less than feeling good state. don't want to half-ass intervals. especially these.
so i did the "flying dutchmans" 5x5x5 intervals on wastch with a medium intensity. it was lightly snow flaking snowing the whole time, but the road was snow free.
interestingly the slight downhill was 25 mph at 140 hr and the return(slight uphill) at 24 mph at 165 hr.
why does that look wrong? there was a stiff headwind where that hr would net me closer to 30mph on the downhill. the headwind didn't help on the uphill.
so 5 mins at 165 hr, 5 mins at 145 and 5 of these sets. thats it. short simple and an easy day on the charts. this is perfect for these kind of days.
i am having an issue with the rear brakes. i think i got a kink in the line. the lever has bumping feedback on the scalops of the disk brake. it shudders with every disk cutout. never had a brake do that. i took it apart and its still there.
any iedas fellow reader?