Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rode bonneville shore trial and emmigration canyon today

was meeting ryan, "cobes" at the zoo entrance of bst today at 10:00. left the house a little late and had to hoof it down pretty quick. skip the warm-up and get right to mashing the pedals. got there in 17 mins right on time somehow.

here i am crossing parleys overpass. i like this pic. it looks artsy. cept for the huffing and puffing look on my face.

here is ryan all kool and waiting right on time. he is a recent transplant from texas. sea level and lack of hills he tried to warn me about, but rode his single speed vassago jabberwocky with authority. good rider and a nice guy. glad to have another fun rider out here.

the first part was wet, but the ground was cold and we didn't really leave much tracks. some snow here and there, but fun.

made it to dry creek, where it was much snowier and the mud was softer what little there was.

some of the trail was half and half which made for challenging riding as you didn't have much choice between sliding from the snow to the mud and vice versa.

just like up in millcreek pipeline, the half that had snow is at an angle so its hard to ride. the ride down was exciting as well.

i wound up riding 3/4 of the trail to where it gets steeper, ryan walked a little more as he was stuck in a 32x18 single speed. not very good for slippery snow climbing. i tried to stay in a gearing close to his for the whole ride, but geared down a couple of times to save the knees from creeking too much.
stood and grunt and pedaled our way though and had a good time. easy pace just riding around and trying a few off shoots here and there. low key and talking pace.

i took off up emigration canyon and ryan raced home to spray down his muddy machine.
going up emigration on a sunday is quite a hoot. its busy with bikes!!

i passed a truck load of sunday riders out enjoying the day. a bunch of small groups of roadies. some just spinning others working it.
i always feel kinda bad passing these guys on the road, specially with weights hanging off my bike and a 20 pound pack and covered in 10 more pounds of mud. low pressure tires going worll..worllll..worllll....
rode up to the top of the look out at that lake. passed a group of riders in various team kits.
they didn't like me passing, so they stood up and repassed me for a moment. i never changed gears or speed, but had to pass them 30 seconds later.
they tucked in behind me talking loud enough so i could here them making comments about all the mud and how heavy my bike must be.
then one noticed the weight on the bike. pulled up next to and asked about it. i told him it wasn't fair of me to be riding on the road with them unless my bike weighed twice of theirs.
they all laughed, but the look in thier faces was more of pain. so still in my 36x16 gear i lead these guys to the elbow where it gets steeper then i droped them as i didn't shift down.
just stood up and hammered at 185HR to the top. saw them on the way down and they were spinning in granny gear. i just smiled and waved.
pedaled down to the bottom of the canyon and then halfway back up again in the same gear. this time passing mostly woman riders. a younger tall guy finally caught me and we talked for a second, he had to slow on the steeper of the rolling parts so i lost him.
made it home and gave the bike a really good rinsing.

the carbon exotic fork work really nice on the rougher parts of bst trail. nothing out of the ordinary. made rolling over stuff with the 29er wheels comfy. a couple of times my eyeballs where jiggling to much up and down as speed increased, but not to bad. fenders seemed to help today as i felt big mud clods flying around at times.