Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sprocket Jokeys, Gear Mashers and low psi, tuff workout today...

so the sun came out today with a vengance. 54 degrees and bright. todays workout is a race simulation getting ready for the red rock rampage 2009 in saint george on march 7th.

so i planned three 25 min. uphill TT at HR between 165-180. a 5 min. downhill in between those to get HR below 100.

here i am all oldskool in my catlike helmet. i chose this one as it vents amazingly and it was hot today. also the "hole drilling experiment" is done on my glasses. i have a problem with shades fogging up. so i increased vents until i minimized it. i drilled to the point that i could see them. it works until i really heat up or slow down.

heres a shot of millcreek canyon, todays uphill battlegrounds
did the usual, 20 mins on wasatch warm up.

i started off with 25psi front and back to mimic riding on dirt as the pavement is to easy rolling. wow!! look at all that meat on the ground. those racing ralphs 2.4's are wide at this psi.

i was targeting around 24 mins each time and change variables everytime.
first pass up the canyon i had a go at 36x20 gearing the whole way.
sundays post i wrote that i climbed up emigration in 36x16, when in fact i was in 36x17 as i don't have a 16t on my cassette.
the road is 11-12% grade with two spots of 8% and two spots of 14%.
you really notice the change when you stay in the same gear.
the less steep gets spinny and the steeper ya get to grunt some.
also for this pass i stayed in the saddle and tried to spin as my spinning is suffering due to strength training and bigger gearfest.
made it up in 23 mins.
huh? too fast...but i felt leg/thigh tired.
second pass i upped the gear to 36x17. allowed some standing at the end of the steeper parts and HR was more in the 176-180 range, but not more.
on the less steep HR drops to 145-150 right away, so i won't need to dwell to long on recovery intervals next month.
made it up this pass in 21 mins. i knew of course it was going to be faster, but i was not as tired.
third pass i lowered psi to "20" and aloowed myslef to use any gear that was comfortable and keep HR between 165-180.
also i pushed for higher HR on the less steep and lower on the steep. did alot of gear changing and wound up keeping a steady HR of 170.
this to me is pretty much how most people race. at a comfortable level and not pushing the hills to hard. make up for that by trying to push the flats harder.
made it up in 25 mins, but i felt absolutly refreshed. staying that far away from my 182 LT kept my body from getting the least bit tired. in fact i felt rested.
slower time did surprize me as i felt i was going as fast, but at different times.
lowering the psi was a different story. i really felt it in the bike dragging. like i was pulling a trailer. i think a long time ago we devised that for every one psi, two pounds was added to your bike feeling.

got home, had a recovery shake and set off to the dog park with the singlespeed. this is just sitting on the saddle and an occasional grunt push in soft snow or mud. also slow speed training.
here i am looking hopeful, or something

the doggies always run out in front.

like i could catch them anyways