Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What we do when I don't ride the bike.

i used to think that hiking with the dogs was a waste of time until i figured out that i could pass people running up a super steep hill or when there is a bunchup/crash in a race.
but the best example was at frozen hog 2009 when i pushed my heavy pug to the front on the after the start and actually ran/pushed up most of the hills due to unridable conditions.

here is millcreek xc ski condition. good amount of snow compared to how hot it has been. i little slushy, but not bad for skate skiing.

it was good all the way up to the yurt. got a bit colder near the top. due mostly from over cast skys today.

so mostly i hike with he dogs. the husky just wants to pee on other dogs pee and the hyper little one is of course "ball" crazy. don't know how she does it, but she finds a ball in any river we go. no matter where, no matter how. it way take a while or not, but she always finds a tennis ball.


my girl has moxy!!! a search and rescue dog playing find the ball in the snow.