Thursday, February 26, 2009

Riding Dry trails, corner canyon

today was another warm day in the mid 40's. drove out to corner canyon after hearing from brads blog that the lowers where dry.

here is a shot of the wasatch looking dryer and snowless.

the first start is a fun single track that snakes up along the gully. it is bone dry and sandy.

after a little single track you come upon the construction of two big water towers and this monster 4x4 bulldozer trudging up the road making some parts of it into quick sand.
here you can see what is getting built.

going up further this part of the trail is not possible due to even deeper quicksand. i saw a hiker sink up to his hip and had to run over and help him out.

this neat little bridge heads towards bst going north.

going southish it quickly comes to snow. i didn't brave it as was already forewarned that it just gets worst.

here is another dead end going towards the alpine area.

so i headed north on bst and it was good for a while, until it some parts got really steep.

then it was fun single track for a while.

then more really steep with tight switchbacks. made all but one.

a section of the burned out mountain recently.
i turned around as it became more hiking than riding due to long patches of snow and too technical for an easy day.
spent about 2 hours just exploring and riding. not much of a workoout other than the techy stuff. tapering down due to a race next weekend.
i didn't realize how close i live to this great trail as well. i will ride to the trail on the weekend for a 5 hour ride from millcreek. saw a couple of other riders, they said the same as i was seeing for conditions.