Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Knee pain and bike maintenence

got some new brake pads for the formula brakes. i really love these brakes. they are very very light and stop better than any other that i have found. the modulation is unmatched. i never new that it could make a differnce, but my hands actually don't get tired from braking anymore.

down side is brake pads wear out in 1/2 the time, but they are cheap and easy to replace.

pulled my tubeless tires apart and added fresh stans sealant. here is a pic of the stans space alien that eats the stans juice and gets stuck in your tire afterwards. yes they are always there after a while.

knee pain is still lingering. i havn't ridden any bike since the weekend. i am going crazy.
this is starting to worry me as it will be my shortest comeback ever. failure just before the first race and i am out. unless my knee bounces back there is no use in missing the first races of the season and continuing half way thru.
very depressing because i have been following a conservative plan and not cheating. i am still hoping that the pain is due to strain and not damage.
i guess i could enter a couple of races just to check out the courses, but why waste the money. just go and ride the course maybe for next years knowledge...i don't know...
i will rest until friday where i will be in saint george and pre-ride the red rampage course in easy gears too check it and my knee out.
if i can race two things might happen. i will be very very rested from not riding and do well, but not my best.
or fitness will be so low that any effort will feel like a stack of bricks on my back.
i have been training up to this point so all is not lost, just that "edge" i rely on to get up to the front and stay there.
i really hate racing and just hanging in the middle of the pack....errrrr....
that doesn't very sound sportsman like, but i am used to being near the front and like it.

took a walk around tanner dog park and there are still patches of snow in this 60 degree weather.

walking doesn't bother my knee, but i don't want to over do it.

i guess i will have to find out on saturday what will happen. gonna start packing and take my mind off of it.

Fozzy Bear..0, Dog...2

my doggies first toy was fozzy bear when she was just a puppy. she loved that guy and carried him everywhere. i took this pic and it wound up everywhere. you can see she really wants her teddy bear back.

i found another one four years later and showed it to her. the look in her eyes tells you that she has matured from a cry baby to a ruff and tumble girl.

here is a pic of the happy reunion. little does fozzy "two" know what he is in for.....

fozzy: "hey stop that, ya ticking me bum bum"

clutch: chew chew chew!!!

clutch: ah ha!!!! gotcha right where i want you.

fozzy: gulp....ahhhhh...oh no!

ehwww, fozzy takes a bite to the eye. thats gotta hurt folks.

fozzy counters with a bite to the lip. good move bear.

but not good enough. a full face chomp by the world champ.

and fozzy gets the stuffing knocked out of him...oh well. rematch, fozzy three and clutch next year in vegas.