Saturday, April 25, 2009

Knee update and stuff....

well seven weeks have past and i got the go-ahead to start some easy spinning/riding as long as it does not hurt

my knee still feels sore, but no pain more than that so far. i got in two half hour rides just tooling around in easy gears.

Ken Costa a physical therapist connected with the tosh medical group gave me a very indepth knee evaluation. Ken really knows his stuff and the conclusion is the left knee is tight and leg straight with no apparent problems. the right knee has a tiny amount of movement with a slight curvation in the achilies tendon and right foot has a flatter arch.

he suggested shims on the right side to balance things out. that should hopefully happen next week.
Ken is also on my revolution bike team and has been really progressing in the races!!! go team!!

also on the new plan(more on that later) is some exercises, one of them being step ups.

in the next week i will attemped to catch up on this absense in this blog. with so much free time i have been busy with ebay buying parts, finishing the white jet9 build, changing the single speed around and making my vassago bandersnatch an even faster racing monster.
so be prepared for a cornicopia of carbon fiber and titainium new bike parts. if my bikes get any lighter i will have to tie them down when not riding them!!
oh yeah somehow i erased all the blogs i was following, so please resend your blogs and i will re-add them to the list. i will try to start the list up again by memory, but i am sure i will miss a lot of them.