Thursday, May 7, 2009

6:00 a.m. thursday group ride

we rode up temple quarry trail in lower cottonwood canyon this morning. tough getting up that early, but once you get going its fun.

so right off the bat, screwing around in the parking lot looking at my new shoes and balancing, "i fall over". darn, bent the new derailleur hanger i just put on. bent it back straight and off we went in the wee hours of the morning.

i had all intentions of riding the 69er single speed, but my right knee seemed a little sore, so i chose to single speed on my geared bike and use a little easier gear.

SS cobes was there with his vassago jabberwocky, maning up the hills in a 32x19. i was in a gear just below his, so we tended to pull away on the steeper climbs. not showing off just standing and useing muscle instead of knee.

a blurry close up.

here we are at the top already. its a short trail, but fun and challanging. stair stepping up semi-rocky hills with some semi-sandy/dirt flats. part of the trail had water run off about 4"-7" high for 50 yards coming down the trail. i was thinking "bi-athalon", but biking and fly fishing.

the ride down was zoomy and fun. we opted for the rockier techy side trail that i never done. challenging on a ridgid bike for me and not knowing what was around the next turn. there are a lot of fast blind corners with big rocks or a short steep climb. you really have to be on your toes or know the trail better. i will be going back and trying to finish that part without dabbing.

here is the ruin at the top and showing no snow. we only encountered a small patch and rode around it easy on the whole trail.

when i got home i noticed another broken bike part from last weeks fall. my seat rail holder is gone. for such a stupid little fall it is adding up.

thanks thursday morning mattl and the group. matt brought yummy donuts and forced them down our thoats after the ride. i passed on the offer as donuts ruin me for the whole day. i got home and ate about 3,000 calories of straight carbs. then had lunch a couple of hours later. ahhhhhh finally full.