Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sherwood hills intermountain cup race

drove up to the race on saturday to pick up my team kit, ride the course and support team events. the team tent was flying in all its grandeur.

my knee is not up to race training and my cardio sucks, so any racing thoughts were completly out.

here we see ryan(shop owner) and bob(team captain) discussing secret team stradegies for total domination or just relaxing before the race.....

mr. bob saffell has landed himself on the "dirt coalition gt racing team" as well for his years of racing and winning. "go bob".
his new carbon fiber gt steed.

took an easy lap to check out the course so i would know next year whats up. its a wood-en single track that has occaional double track and peeks in and out of some rolling fields

fun turns and twists keep you on your toes and pedaling thru some nice scenery.

there are a lot of these sharp turns to a small uphill to another turn. tire selection is a big factor on this course.

i was very comfortable on a ridgid 29er, but as soon i started to push some speed the course was just bumpy enough for me over shoot some of the turns of wash out the front tire(at 32 psi). a mixure of occasional looser dirt, tight turns and embeded rocks made for a slow single track. front suspension would have enabled more speed, but rear squish is not necessary.
the track feels short, but you are working most of the way along the course due to the winding flat. mostly short but frequent climbs are just enough to get you into the red if you push it and hard to recover.
i was spinning in easy gears, but still managed to raise heart rate. cardio sucks right now, but strength and recovery are still pretty good.
i caught up to a couple of beginners on the track and offered verbal encouragement, rode with them and told a few jokes.