Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Meeting my blog readers

so today was a non-riding day. i took the doggies for a run up millcreek, promissing myself to stay in the easiest gear. right away i catch up to a nice girl riding up the trail. we rode for a while and she then confesses that she is a daily reader of this blog and just loves my dogs.
thanks kendra!!! keep up the good work on the bike.

i ride up to the elbow where the trail ends up into the street and it looks clear of snow, so we(still in granny gear) ride up the road(that is still blocked at the gate) until we hit some serious snow patches and have to turn around.
you should have seen the look on the huskys face when he saw all that snow. i have never seen him run sooo fast and so happy. he plowed into all that white goodness, flipped over, rolled around and ate some snow. this dog love the snow!!

i had to pull him away from the snow like it was a girl dog in heat.

on the way down i met another reader(can't remember name, but his son races for porcipine?) he told me his doctor reccomended he get back on his bike for health reasons. what a great doctor!! anyways he said he reconized the dogs and then me from the blog.......

a little further going down the trail i see our team kit on a beautiful female rider racing up the hill. i stopped and said something lame like "hi fellow team member".......she says "hi" and kept riding. i don't remeber meeting her so we will see if i remember at the next race to spot her.

i have pics of clutch and me at antelope island that i need to share with you.....