Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My dog at Antelope Island

pics from antelope island this past weekend. i was surprized that we had to pay to get out here and even bikes had to pay as well.

luckily we brought a boy of approriate age and hyperness to play and run with my goofy dog at the beach. what a match!!
here is the never ending game and "ole sandy nose" ready to play fetch.

sand never stoped this dog from charging head first and getting that ball. just look at that happy mug......

this big nose dog finds some eggy weggys hiding in the grass. the color on the eggs prove that the nose not the eyes found them.

hhhmmmmm scrambled eggs and bacon........

after work yes today was one of my five days a month that i work. so after work today i only had enough time for some quick intervals up millcreek. plan was to keep 95 cadence and stay in the 36x34 gear all the way up. the gentle rolling yet still uphill climb insured around 160-170 hr. it was easy and fun.
got the the elbow and shot down pipeline for a chill downhill. i had my new team kit jacket to keep me warm. pics to come.
today i met another beautiful female rider and we cruzed the last part down to the parking lot at rattlesnake gulch. what i mean by cruz, this girl on a full suspension bike kicked my butt on the steep rocky descent.
it was a thing of beauty trying to follow the fast flowing lines this girl was carving. man, i really love this place!! at the bottom she was waiting for me and we chatted a bit.
amy looked a little puzzeled when i introduced myself as oilcan, but right after a "racer cycle's guy on his carbon fiber superfly 29er came down and said "hey oilcan". two other roadies waved and said "ooooooiillllcaaann". but i don't think amy heard them as i waved and chuckled.
today was a good feeling day and ends on a high note. i feel good and everything is starting to get back on track. yeah!!!