Saturday, May 23, 2009

My cardio sucks!!

i rode up millcreek road after a hard five days of hard physical work. i started off spent and it got worst from there. figured i would climb up in a 36x28 gear and see how far i could get untill the snow stopped me

here is the first set of snow on the road. if you stay just to the left you can get around all of the snow until the last one.

there are a few logs in the river making the water spill out onto the road here

the steep road just before the last parking lots is where you gotta stop or march thru the snow

i tried to ride up this and fell clipped in. the snow is still soft here.

starting off with too much gusto ii ran out of leg energy about half way up and then found out that there road was clear a lot farther than i thought. i relunctly shifted down into the next lower gear. cardio was hurting as well as leg strength in the end. i would like to blame alltittude, but it was more due to lack of riding from healing my knee.
kept a good 92-95 cadence and the knee felt not too bad. hit pipeline on the way down and delt with the weekend crowds. it was slow going, but funner than riding down on the road.