Thursday, May 28, 2009

Potty on garth!!!!!

i had no idea

Fellow cyclists,

In an effort to further its reputation as a bicycle friendly city, the City of Holladay has placed a porta-potty on the east side of Wasatch Blvd at approximately 5800 South. This facility was placed as a convenience for the growing number of cyclists on Wasatch Blvd.

Let’s all show the City of Holladay that we appreciate their efforts by using the porta-potty instead of the bushes of the residences along Wasatch.

Please share this email with any and all cycling groups.

same ride

did the same ride as a couple of days ago, but this time a difference being rested!!!!

i climbed conservative but with much more gusto. my legs held out till just the top, but i pushed a lot harder. probably shaved 15 minutes off the last time.

got on pipline for the way down.

here i am straight ahead. i seem to get all over the trail when i take these shots. right after this i ran into a branch.
oh yeah look i painted my helmet to match the team colors. the yellow and blue just wasn't cutting it.
also my training shades are red not blue like my racing ones.

my sponsor on my leggy.

what the????? there are words on my backside??? i guess advertising spares no space...
btw i will be testing, reviewing carborocket drink just as soon as i can trade in the kiwi/lemon for the oragne flavor. i just don't like kiwi, but it seems everybody else does.

car show

ever since clutch was young i have been taking her to car shows and she always winds up being the belle of the ball. people and kids flock to her and want to pet her.

went to a car show in layton yesterday here are some pics.

i am of course partial to mopar so here ya go, clutch and a stock clean charger.

here is a "real" callenger "six pack RT". clutch is flirting with some kids just outta the pic.