Friday, May 29, 2009

Review and test of the IRD Fire29er XCpro 29x2.1

i love the michelin xt ac on the rear of my 29er, but it is a relatively bald tire with low knobbys. standing and mashing up a steep hill leaves you in one spot. it is an excellent rolling fast tire.

more traction is necessary. here comes in my secret weapon. knobbies on top of knobbies. and it rolls fairly fast too.

the side knobs are very stout and grippy.

here is the tread pattern

this tire is dual compond and the knobs don't squirm on pavement or hardpack dirt. they will down faster on the street but last just asa long as anyother of tires.

at 770g they are not too bad for soo much rubber. this is going to be my rear tire of choice for a 29er single speed as standing up is such a common event. on the front they are a bit small at 2.1, being that i am now used to the 2.4 racing ralphs.

on rocky condition as long as you air them down to 22-25 they work like tiger paws, griping everything in their path. from 24-30 psi they are dirt kings. no need to get these bad boys beyond 32psi as they slow way down and grip as good as normal tires.

mud or wet leaves is another big mistake as they get bigger andd bigger with everything sticking to the tire until you are stopped from hitting the frame.

overall this is not a racing tire unless traction is more important than speed. as far as traction tires this is the fastest. yes faster than the rampage, kenda or other big knob tires. lighter too.

keep this tire in your quiver for what it is good for, or train on it, but beware you will get used to the gobs of traction and other tires will not suffice.

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