Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Millcreek road is clear all the way up!!!!

did an exploratory ride up millcreek road to see if we can get to the upper trails and guess what? yes its clear now all the way to the parking lots of big and little water trail heads

here the gate to the upper road is still closed so its car free and safe.
the yurt is still up at the parking lot, but the door is locked. on the inside there are bunk beds in a circle along the wall with a cooking/fire pit in the middle.
oh boy, during the winter i charged thru a snow blizzard up to this yurt, i opened the door and clutch was sooo happy to get inside she ran and jumped up onto the bottom row of beds and did a complete circle with such speed she was vertical on the yurt wall. luckly no one was in there at the time to see that, but she did manage to get doggy foot prints all the way around on the wall.

i threw on the furious freds on my edge carbon rims for the climb today and found out a surprizing fact. with 40 psi they are very very fast to accelerate and top speed is amazing. i was about 7 mph faster coasting down mill road and got up to that speed there faster than usual

the draw back is that this time of year there is a lot of tiny pine cone like stuff and loose rock on the pavement. hit one of these at 40+ speed and they shoot up and sideways at an increadble speed. i swear i put a couple of marble size rocks 3"-4" into trees and sent one about a mile in the air behind me.
now 40psi is nowhere near 110psi of a road bike, but there is a noticable squirrely-ness to these tires at high speed.
another fact, which is not a surprize, is that they suck in the snow. on a few 10 foot snow crossing i flailed like a school girl. they are wider than cross tires, but they hate mud or snow at 40 psi.

on todays climbed i felt really good. was climbing in two gears higher than planned for the first 2/3 of the ride.
plan was to do three 20 minute LT intervals(175hr) with 1 minutes of easy spin in between. the first two felt amazing, like the hill was almost flat. then at the 1 hour mark it changed a bit and the workout began.
i already know that this is where my body has run out of stored nutrition and has to scavange for power and screams to put something into the mouth.
i used my normal gel shots, but just plain water in the bottle. i didn't bonk, but it was noticable right when my body ran out of stores.
i shifted into granny and ran up little water trail and got stopped about 400 yards up. i could have started walikng around these patches, but why bother it will melt soon

did the same up big water to dog lake and was denied in the same way. hopeful that this will open up next week. there are a lot of down trees to clear as well.