Thursday, June 4, 2009

Riding glenwild at 6 am.........

thursday morning 6 am ride today was at glennwild. a fun fast flowy single track loop near park city that starts off with a rock emmbedded climb.

the players in todays senario are a small group consisting of matt the cordinator, corey a good rider, single speeder cobes( and new guy jeff.

first off appology to jeff as i rode with cobes in easy single speed gear 34x22, so we still wound up charging ahead up the hills. matt kept up fine but corey started to fade and poor jeff on flat pedals was left in the dust.

yeah left in the dust until the downhill part. then his kona coiler took off like a rocket and i was the last to catch up


matt, coery and ss cobes

i decided to leave on my furious freds as i was thinking smooth single track....wrong!!!! embbeded rocks and sharp rocks strewn out through out the trail.

i am sooo surprized i did not flat. of course i was slalom champ trying to protect my paper thin tires and edge carbon fiber rims. lowered tire pressure to 24 psi and had a go at it. i only bearly hit the rim twice on rocks.

i did have to keep the speed down on the downhill as i didn't know the trail and there where patches of rocks that came up very fast. the dh had many semi-banked turns that where fun, but again had to slow down some due to almost no knobbys and traction. ok basicly these are fat cyclocross tires or a tube with small knobbys on them.

but still in their defense they survived what i would call an extreme test for them. many sharp rocks at speed and a bit of carelessness due to not knowing the trail. fact!!! i did not flat as i was told even by schwalbe that i would under these conditions.

final conclucion for the furious freds, is that they are a bit tougher than they appear, but traction verses rolling resitance does not make them a good choice for racing unless the trail is ultra smooth and only a few sharp turns.

ahhhhh geez everybody is looking kool and happy and i look like silly philly......oh well it was a fun ride
for those interested i am trying to get a group ride on saturday 06-06-09, 9:00 am at flying dog.
two groups, one faster climbers and single speeds, the other easy granny gears. this is a fun fast flowy three hour ride. come join us!!