Saturday, June 6, 2009

My dog thinks she is kool

no problem with sticking her head underwater...

Flying dog and the men in blue.....and a few good surprizes

the plan today was to run flying dog trail near park city clockwise and connect it to the glenwild loop trail we did thursday morning. i started off this morning tired from lack of sleep and was questioning even doing this ride, but i pushed on in need of this workout. the first half hour hurt as it starts with a small climb and rolling hills. i settled down into just slightly hurting on the climbs. i did not have legs today.

i had ten confirmations to ride, but somebody started a rumor that the 30% rain forcasted meant rain for sure and that there was muddy spots on the upper parts. no mud and not even close to rain. in fact the weather was perfect for riding.
so only SS cobes and matt showed up
in the parking lot some of my team revolution members were assembling for some long ride that incorperated part of our ride and a lot more.

sounded tempting , but my knee is not ready for more miles than what i planned today.

flying dog this time of year is lush, green, flowery and fun fun fun. it has climbs that are not too steep, but just rocky enough that you don't fall asleep. heart rate stayed around 160-165 and we climbed in a 36x24 for the most part.

here is a pool of spring water in green grass valley. this trail has heavy shade parts as well as sunny climbing single track. once you are done with about 8 miles of climbing ya got another 8 miles of fast flowing, twisting single track that was built by riders that know how to build fun trails. can't stress enough how fun this trail was today!!!

the men in blue were everywhere adding to the ever growing group that was going on that longer ride.

here is the group of tough guys on thier mission.

its great being part of this fast blue trail eating machine.

the ride took us 1:38 which seemed much faster than the 2:24 that i did this trail in november when my bike was a 1x9.
another surprize was the comparison of my normal 2.4 racing ralph/2.2 ird fire29er xc pro tires compared to the furious freds.
the wider tires allowed sooo much more traction and rock crushing/eating on the desent. definately more fun and safer too. honestly i don't know how i made the ride on thursday with those skinny tires......
on the final leg of the ride winding thru the grassy fields of glenwild flowing up and down rolling hills cobes and i were just starting to get a little leg tired. matt seemed to have ate his wheaties as he pulled away some.
good because for right now were are close to the same fitness level and stayed close together for the ride. good to find common riding people to push and pull each other for some fun times.